The Loyal Wife

When ordinary Emma Fern strikes up a friendship with glamorous Beatrice Johnson Greene, she can't believe her luck. But Beatrice has an unusual favor to ask, one that will change Emma's life forever.

For Emma, desperate to please, it's an offer she can't refuse.

But she should have. Because everything has changed now, and it's deadly.

As her literary triumph starts to fade into the past, Emma comes under pressure to write a second bestseller. But her big secret is that she didn’t write the first one. She’s a fraud, and the only people who ever knew the truth are…no longer a problem.
Except someone knows. Someone closer to home.

What if the whole world was looking for you? What if you didn't want to be found?

Everyone has secrets, and Rachel Holloway is no exception. She’s worked hard to keep the past where it belongs: dead and buried. And so far, she’s been very successful.

Except some secrets and meant to stay buried. This is one of them.

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