The Accident

If only she’d said no...

Katherine Nichols knew she’d had too many drinks, but they were only going a short distance. “There’s no traffic anyway,” Eve had pointed out. And they’d had such a great night out, the two of them. Even now, driving them home and knowing she shouldn’t, seemed almost mischievous. All part of the fun.

Not anymore.

If anyone ever found out about the accident, it would ruin Katherine’s life. And things are going so well for Katherine right now. Her daughter Abigail is doing well at school, Katherine loves her job as an analyst at Rue Capital. She’s in love with her boss too, which has its own complications, but they’re working through that.

But no one needs to know about the accident because Eve was there too, and she’s going to help make it all go away.

Except Katherine is about to find out that this isn’t the end of the nightmare…

It’s the beginning.

Book Categories: Thriller.