Until I Met her Natalie Barelli

Until I Met Her (Emma Fern Series Book 1)

“With an unnerving glimpse into the cutthroat world of publishing and one author’s terrifying journey to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, Ms. Barelli’s taut thriller gives new meaning to the phrase ‘ghostwriter.’ This page-turner will keep you up at night.” —D.M. Pulley, author of The Unclaimed Victim

She should never have said ‘yes’…

When Beatrice said she wanted to publish her next novel under Emma’s name, Emma couldn’t believe it. Why on earth would Beatrice Johnson Greene, the famous crime writer, not want to publish her new book as herself?

This time, Beatrice explained, she wanted to write something different, and publish it as an unknown author. She was too famous—and she needed Emma’s help.

After everything Beatrice had done for her, Emma could hardly refuse. But what was meant to be a favor has turned into a betrayal, and now Emma has done something terrible, something shocking, and the consequences are terrifying…