The Accident

No one needs to know what she did that night.
But someone does…

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The Loyal Wife - Natalie Barelli

The Loyal Wife

Trusting her wasn’t a mistake
Betraying her… was.

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Missing Molly by Natalie Barelli

Missing Molly

Rachel Holloway’s life hides a devastating secret – one that could tumble into the open after the newspaper she works for reopens the unsolved case of a girl who vanished 12 years ago.

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Until I Met her Natalie Barelli

Until I Met Her (Emma Fern Series Book 1)

When Beatrice said she wanted to publish her next novel under Emma’s name, Emma couldn’t believe it. Why on earth would Beatrice Johnson Greene, the famous crime writer, not want to publish her new book as herself? But she should never have said yes…

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After he killed me - Natalie Barelli

After He Killed Me (The Emma Fern Series Book 2)

Emma’s friends are close. Her enemies are closer. The second book in the Emma Fern Series. Emma Fern has won at life: she’s a prize-winning…

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